Bhavini & Tyrell's beautiful beach wedding

When the palm trees dance in the evening breeze and three sounds are competing for the same space in everyone’s ears – the wind as it playfully sweeps through the palm fronds, the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing to the shore and the DJ’s music, it is hard to pick the most pleasing. Add on a lavish buffet laid out for the guests followed by an exhilarating first dance under the stars. This is how Bhavini & Tyrell’s special day came to an end. Or did it? I have been bribed not to mention the afterparty which may or may not have consisted of a lot of shots, a lot of dodgy dancing and the highlight of the evening – Tyrell’s extremely hilarious retrieval of the garter. Oh well, I guess you had to be there 😉

Having worked with Bhavini & Tyrell extensively in the lead up to their wedding day at Pride Inn Paradise Resort Shanzu, we knew what to expect – an extremely fun loving couple who knew what they wanted on their wedding day. With the logistical support of their friends and family, especially Tyrell’s brother Tremayne, they made it happen. The whole day ran with military precision which is rare at weddings!

Overcoming some hungover groomsmen banter, Tyrell was the first to get ready. Looking dashing in his suit, he nervously waited for Bhavini to walk down the aisle. And when she did, his face was priceless. That normally serious face turned into a huge smile. The smile that showed the world his happiness at that very moment. In a first for us, the actual ceremony was an involving hybrid consisting of Hindu and Christian formalities, set on the beach just before dusk. This joyous occasion was witnessed by the couple’s family and friends shortly before they all dug into some tasty cocktails and snacks.

As we shot this happy union that day, it became more apparent than ever that love conquers everything. It conquers boundaries that are imposed on us, it conquers obstacles, it conquers religions. Love conquers everything. Thank you Bhavini and Tyrell. Thanks for the trust and the fun. One love!

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