Deepali & Rishi's colourful Diani wedding

‘DUCK PAREET DUCK!!!!’ I heard that warning a split second too late. I was smacked in the face with what seemed like a very big handful of coloured powder. A split second later, I am tasting the powder on my tongue. Luckily, most of my face was saved from the powder. Unluckily, my camera and lens took most of the brunt of the fine dust which wasn’t intentionally aimed for me (I would hope to think :-)). I ran over to the DJ booth, quickly checked my gear. Everything seemed ok. Back out again for more. Anything for that perfect shot. I had envisaged this one frame that I really wanted to achieve and it involved colour. LOTS of colour. An hour later, I am walking back to the DJ booth with a big smile on my face, however this time I am completely soaked from a water gun fight, stained from crossfire during the holi party and have sand burns on my knees from trying to shoot a tug of war match between 2 amazing families. I look up at the sky and thank god for giving me the best job in the world.

After speaking to Deepali’s parents, I ‘met’ Deepali & Rishi on the phone almost a year ago and had actually never met them face to face until 2 days before the wedding. Their vision for their wedding was quite simple. They had said to us many times that they just want to ensure that the guests have a really fun time for the 3 days and that was certainly what we experienced when we shot their wedding in February this year at Leisure Lodge Golf & Beach Resort in Diani. Deepali and Rishi are both beautiful inside and out – what you see is what you get. A happy fun-loving couple. No fuss, no drama, no manenos (as we say in Swahili).

The actual wedding ceremony was held on the white sandy Diani beach with the aqua blue Indian Ocean as a perfect backdrop. Rishi used three modes of transport to make his entrance to his mandap – boat, quad bike and on foot. His reaction as Deepali walked on the see-through glass aisle was priceless. The priest conducted a really meaningful ceremony that involved a lot of Deepali and Rishi’s families and one that was very fun to document. You know you’re shooting an exotic wedding when you keep tripping over starfish as you are trying to shoot!

Just when we thought nothing could top the events of the previous few days, we were treated to their dazzling wedding reception – DJ Raahi on the decks, delicious food, an amazing first dance to smoke and fireworks, some trick lighting, and a lot of downing of shots. Our type of reception!

Deepali and Rishi – Thank you guys, thank you to your beautiful friends and families for always smiling for us, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to shoot your wedding. ONE LOVE!

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