Sohum & Sagar's beach wedding in Diani, Kenya

With the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, the afternoon rain having cooled down the temperature by a few degrees, the amazing decor and hanging lamps on the dancefloor was competing with the natural beauty of the palm trees and the sea at Sohum & Sagar’s wedding reception. After Sohum had wowed everyone with her dance, and some emotional and hilarious speeches, everyone hit the dancefloor. HARD. We knew this was going to be an epic night. Like really epic. Friends shooting tequilas infront of us, parents were shooting down Jagerbombs to the right of us – we didn’t know where to look. The dancefloor was full, tune after tune. The violinist (Scott) was going mental. I wouldn’t even call it strumming – you could physically see the passion on his face, in his hands, the beads of sweat on his forehead as he kept up with so many different genres of songs on the dancefloor. 2am now and Sagar (shirt buttons ALL undone and bowtie hanging over his shoulder) grabs the mic form the DJ and shouts – ‘My boys, my boys are fucking awesome. They are fucking legends!’. The boys erupt with newfound love for their lad Sagar and for the next minute, you could not even hear the DJ’s music over the chant of ‘He’s a Kenyan, a mighty Kenyan, a victor wanyama…oh he’s a Kenyan, a mighty Kenyan, a victor wanyama!’ I don’t know how that night ended. I truly don’t. But I didn’t see anyone at breakfast the next day. NO-ONE.

I had first met Sohum and Sagar a couple of years ago. They are both fellow wildlife photographers and that’s where we had forged our bond. I clearly remember Sagar calling me one evening and telling me he was going to propose to Sohum in the Masai Mara at one of our favourite lodges the week after, and he was really hoping that she would say yes! Fast forward a few months later when we met for a drink one day and they asked me to shoot their wedding for them, I was super excited. It is never easy shooting a photographer’s wedding but I felt deeply honoured. Over the next year and a bit, as they shared their vision and plans for their Diani beach wedding, I knew it was going to be one of our highlight weddings of the year. And it truly didn’t disappoint.

The build up to the wedding day consisted of a few traditional and religious functions which were very meaningful and contrasted with a fun pool party in the evening where the event ended up with a lot of the guests partying in the pool in the wee hours of the morning.

The huge emotional rollercoaster which was their wedding day was further exaggerated by the constant will it rain, will it not rain question? God had been teasing us all day with a few scattered showers, interrupted by blue skies and then again some showers. As the big bad dark clouds rolled over whilst Sohum was getting ready, her dad reassured her that it was just a passing cloud. It was a beautiful moment showing the strong love between father and daughter – one of many such moments throughout the day and one that will be etched in my memory for a long while. In the room next door, the mood was slightly more different – the boys were well, just being boys whilst getting ready. But you could just about see the normally very cool Sagar had a hint of nervousness in him. Not warranted at all as the wedding was picture perfect. The rain came and stopped literally the minute Sohum walked down the aisle. Smiles all around throughout the ceremony and a beautiful day culminated with Sohum’s clean sweep in the post-wedding games. Sagar did not stand a chance at all.

The day after the wedding, Sohum & Sagar had arranged for some ‘friendly’ games between Team Bride and Team Groom. Fuelled by ice cold beers and loud music, the two teams played volleyball, waterpolo and the grand finale – Tug of War – hotly contested by the two sides. Fiercely competitive and a hell of a lot of fun. I’m not going to comment on who won the day’s events.

To the ‘Smooth’ couple – Sohum & Sagar, thank you both for everything you did before, during and after the wedding. Thank you to your families and friends. I truly felt like I was part of the wedding rather than just a photographer shooting it. Thank you for taking me in as a family member. You guys are such a beautiful couple – here’s to a lifetime of happiness for you both. One love!

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