Taruna & Michael's safari wedding in Naivasha

As the first golden hue broke out from beneath the clouds, the dew on the lush grass glittered like thousands of diamonds scattered all around us. The warm rays slowly heated up the ground and now the dew turned into mist rising up from the ground, and shrouding everything in gold – looked like it was straight out of ‘Out of Africa’. As the temperatures crept up slowly, the animals started coming towards the lake one by one – first giraffes, followed by zebras and then waterbucks. Within 20 minutes the colour of the lake turned from jet black to red to orange to a deep blue. This is how every day starts at Lake Naivasha. Not bad. Not bad at all! We were there to shoot Taruna & Michael’s wedding a month ago. And what a memorable one it was!

After a couple of days of ceremonies and parties, the setting for the actual wedding was nothing short of magical. As waterbucks and zebras grazed in the background, the priest conducted a traditional wedding ceremony for Taruna and Michael. It was heart-warming to see Michael’s Cypriot family so enthralled with the Hindu traditions. The weather held out too – after 2 days of rain, finally a beautiful blue-sky day! We had a quick shoot on the shore of the lake with the couple straight after the wedding. We just couldn’t get some angles right so we made use of a boat which we found lying around. It was a very unstable boat and having thousands of dollars of camera equipment dangling from your shoulders whilst trying to regain your balance definitely taught us some lessons in risk averseness. But hey, no pain, no gain.

Taruna and Michael were very clear with us – they hate posing for photos. They wanted a 100% candid memory of their wedding. In a way, this brought us back to our core values as reportage wedding photographers. Capturing moments. Capturing unposed moments as they happen. Those frames that when you look at them after the wedding, you feel a tingle in your spine, you feel goosebumps, you feel the moment. I absolutely loved every second of it.

Thank you to Taruna, Michael, your friends and family for all the hospitality in the lead up to and during the wedding. Special thanks to Taruna’s sister Deepika and her husband Bhavesh. You know how instrumental you were. Thank you for your trust in me. I was honoured to be able to document and create special memories for your whole family and future generations. One love!

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