Akshee & Paras' beach wedding in Diani, Kenya

The only thing that overpowered the roars of the lions and laughs of the hyenas were the thundering jet black clouds that were rolling in just before sunset. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if God was watching over us, and giving us that perfect backdrop for the perfect couple in the perfect location. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had spent an hour scouting for a location and we finally spotted it from over a kilometre away. The flat plains of the Masai Mara were only interrupted by lone trees every few hundred metres or so. As Akshee and Paras effortlessly did their thing, we collectively agreed that our main worry was not lions or hyenas. It was snakes. The post-rain long grass could be hiding snakes within so we had to be ultra careful where we stepped!

Fast forward a few days and we were witnessing and documenting their Diani beach wedding in a setting that could only be described as idyllic. In complete contrast to the Mara, we had blue skies and a gorgeous mandap being skirted by pure white sand – a few drops of rain came and went, just before Akshee graced the aisle. In Indian culture, the presence of rain is considered a blessing from God to the couple! Both Akshee and Paras looking surprisingly fresh, despite having partied and danced many a night away in the lead up to their wedding. A very intricate mehndi session started things off – I have never seen this level of detail before. The mehndi artist had depicted Akshee & Paras’ story just using mehndi as a medium – simply breathtaking!

As the traditional sangeet night kicked off the official events, followed by some emotional religious ceremonies the morning after, one thing I noticed was the incredible support they had from their friends and family at all times. Following the wedding day were some hilarious games on the beach where guests got very sandy and/ or wet! This was a good workout before the evening Reception where there was a lot of tasty food and a hell of a lot of dancing!

Akshee and Paras are two beautiful souls. I got to know them through a period of over a year from the time they initially contacted me. Their story is nothing short of amazing. He proposed in the beautiful snow-capped region of Ladakh and since then they had been planning their perfect destination wedding in Diani, Kenya. We had one hell of a shoot In Masai Mara before their wedding festivities started the week after. I noted something about Akshee & Paras – they both live life to the fullest. Enjoying every moment and every day and making the most of it all.

Thank you Akshee & Paras for trusting me to capture your biggest day(s) so far. Thanks to your friends. Thanks to your families. Enjoy the memories. One love!

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