Amrita & Ram's beautiful garden wedding in Nairobi

You could just about hear the faintest murmurs and sounds at Zen Gardens that morning; sounds of staff meticulously going about their tasks, the soft jazz playing in the background, the whoosh of the intricate table cloths being laid, the tinkle of wine glasses being stacked. We were taking some photos of Amrita getting ready in a serene atmosphere akin to a Japanese garden – she was so calm and collected. And then all of a sudden, hitting us like an avalanche came the blaring sound of the ‘party bus’. This huge white truck rolls up in the driveway, music booming from it and about 25 party animals on board drinking and dancing and some even hanging off the truck. We had been warned about this group – Ram had told us that his entrance to the wedding was going to be pretty loud but we hadn’t anticipated it to be this loud! Clearly the last few days of parties, late nights and dancing had had no detrimental effect to Amrita and Ram’s friends’ energy levels. One thing I clearly remember about that day was that everyone was smiling. Amrita and Ram had a smile on their faces the whole day, throughout the whole ceremony creating a ripple effect – everywhere we looked, people were smiling. The look on Ram’s face when he first saw Amrita was absolutely priceless. Towards the end of the ceremony, Ram’s dreadful attempt at putting on the mangal sutra (a necklace tied round the bride’s neck which identifies her as a married woman) on Amrita was quickly overshadowed by his cunning ability to get his shoes back from the bride’s friends, otherwise he would have had to pay a huge ransom for them.

The evening Reception was based around a Cuban theme and there was a lot of attention to detail – from the brilliant Hudson car to fedoras and floral dresses. The evening started off with some very heartfelt speeches including a very funny one from Ram’s cousin Neel where we learnt a lot about Ram – from his escapades in Manchester, to being arrested and strip searched whilst on his stag weekend in Prague. A lot of drinks and shots later, Amrita & Ram’s guests showed us some cool dance moves – at eye level, at floor level and then on shoulders too! What an amazing finale to a few lively and very memorable wedding days! I am sure there were a lot of sore heads the next morning!

Amrita & Ram, thank you for the trust in Cheka. Thank you for making us feel like part of the family during the wedding celebrations! And thank you to Tazamia (Amrita & Ram’s Event Planners) for doing such a fantastic job! One love!

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