Anne & Nicholas' fun wedding in Diani

The rays of the late afternoon sun hit the Indian Ocean at the right angle turning it into a deep azure colour – the perfect backdrop for the first kiss between Anne & Nicholas. We had been asked to shoot their wedding at Diani House and couldn’t have asked for a better venue. The brown and greens of the countless palm trees contrasted perfectly with the powder white sand of Diani, only broken by the azure of the Indian Ocean. The guests were even more vibrant – All full of energy, and sporting colourful summer dresses and even brighter sunnies.

A few hours earlier, Anne’s bridal getting ready session was so much fun to shoot as the girls all helped each other (champagne-fuelled) with their make up and hair, with a bit of help (via FaceTime) from a friend who couldn’t make it from abroad. In the meantime, Nicholas and his brother were catching jokes and sharing memories as they got ready (much quicker than the girls!). As Anne looking absolutely gorgeous walked down the aisle with her father, all nervousness from Nicholas turned into a huge smile! Infact Nicholas’ million dollar smile was so infectious throughout the day. A beautiful brief ceremony was conducted beachside followed by a sunset cocktail. Luck had it that we were all able to witness a full moonrise that evening. It was quite magical actually – all the guests (drink in hand) watching this massive ball of light rise up from the sea.

In the evening, as Anne and Nicholas cut one of the nicest cakes we have seen in Kenya, we noticed the look they gave each other. It was full of love. A lot of love! As the light faded and the full moon gave way to the stars in the sky, Anne and Nicholas owned the floor with their spectacular first dance. The night progressed, some more alcohol was consumed and as a result, we witnessed some amazing moves on the dance floor from many of the guests!

Thank you Anne & Nicholas. Thank you for the trust in Cheka and thank you for being such a wonderful couple for us to shoot. One love!

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