‘Boom da boom, boom da boom, boom da boom’ went the sound of the traditional African drums being beat to perfect synchronisation with the dancers whose dancing was accentuated by the ostrich feathers worn all over their bodies. There was a beautiful moon in the sky just strong enough to provide some ambient light but not too strong as to drown out the millions of stars on display. The breeze coming in from the Indian Ocean was so refreshing for all the guests who had just been dancing for the last 4 hours without a break. Their only fuel was music and love (and a bit of alcohol!). Looking at some of the guests in and around the bar, I was worried that they wouldn’t make it in time for the wedding the next morning. How wrong was I! Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Roshni & Chirag’s 3 day wedding on Diani Beach in Kenya which I was fortunate to document.

Starting off from the Welcome Party on the beach to the religious ceremonies and the Swahili Night, the excitement for the wedding had really built up! The wedding day started off with the bridesmaids breaking Roshni’s bed (don’t ask!). The situation improved really swiftly after that and the beautiful wedding ceremony took place with the backdrop of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, and within a couple of hours, Chirag & Roshni were Mr. & Mrs! The evening Reception started off with cocktails as guests watched the golden sunset just before the entertainment started which was courtesy of a phenomenal live band from India. A few speeches later and the real craziness started – lots of dancing – dancing everywhere, dancing at the bar, dancing at the tables, dancing on the dancefloor, dancing on the stage – you name it and you could find someone or the other dancing at any point during the night. Some other highlights of the evening in no particular order – an amazing first dance, an impromptu breakdance, hundreds of shots being downed, uncles partying like there’s no tomorrow, single malts, and an uncensored photoshoot on the beach to top it all off!

The support that Roshni & Chirag had from their friends and families was incredible. They were both so close to their families – heartwarming to see and be a part of! They were genuinely one of the most fun couples to be with. A great sense of humour and very relaxed about everything. This was very apparent throughout the wedding where we hardly have any frames of them not smiling.

Thank you Roshni & Chirag for your trust in Cheka! And thank you for treating us like friends. Enjoy your memories. One love!!

As a visual artist, I will let the pictures do the talking. It was an extremely tough job narrowing it down to such few frames to summarise this beautiful wedding but here you go…