What is your style?

Generally, we like to be subtle and capture candid moments and take on a story-telling reportage role at intimate weddings. Most people can tell a candid smile from a posed smile from miles away! We want you to be able to feel the same deep emotions, feelings and sensations many years down the line as you did on your wedding day which usually means less posing and more natural frames. We have a very low profile when we’re shooting a wedding. Something that we pride ourselves on is the ability to candidly shoot a wedding with minimal disruption as far as the couple or the guests are concerned. We strongly believe that we as wedding photographers should be documenting rather than directing the wedding. Large weddings are not our thing. We prefer to shoot smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements where we can really fell the undiluted love between the couple and immerse ourselves in this magical moment.

What type of couples do we like working with?

We love working with couples who see our time together as an opportunity to create art. Couples who want to mutually experiment with us in the moment generally end up with the most compelling imagery. We need space for creativity. If you have pre-determined shot lists or prefer to operate using a photo checklist, then I am afraid we may not be the right photographers for you. We only shoot small intimate weddings or elopements.

What does your coverage include?

It includes the whole wedding. As part of the consultation process, we would discuss the timing with you. There are no limits on locations and no limits on how many photos we take. We want nothing to distract you from your perfect day.

Where can you shoot?

Anywhere. We are happy to drive/ fly to any location you choose to get married at.

How much do you charge?

It depends. Simply put, no two weddings are the same. Our fee depends on various factors which we can talk you through once we have some more details of the wedding.

When can we see the photos?

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes on sorting, selecting and editing the photos once we have shot them. We pride ourselves on the meticulous editing and attention to detail in post processing. This obviously takes time. We aim to showcase you your photos within 8 weeks (maximum) of your wedding day.

Do you provide videography services?

No. We strongly believe in sticking to what we are best at. However, we would be happy to recommend you videographers who we have worked with successfully in the past.

How do we hire you?

Easy. Just contact us and we would arrange a meeting, ideally face to face, however if that is not possible, we would do it via a call. The purpose of this meeting is for you to know that we are right for you, and for us to know that we could work with you. After that, you can count on us to be shooting on your special day. Due to the nature of the industry, until we have received a deposit from yourselves, we cannot block out any dates.