Nihari & Himanshu's beach wedding in Diani

LOVE (noun) – Intense feeling of deep affection according to the dictionary definition. I reckon the person who came up with that word ‘love’ sought inspiration from the #Himari wedding. We were lucky enough to shoot Nihari & Himanshu’s wedding a month ago and that’s all we saw – there was a lot of love all around the wedding. The love between the 2 families, the love between their friends, the love between Himanshu and his sisters but most of all, the love between Nihari & Himanshu. I actually witnessed this love a few months ago when we captured their pre-wedding shoot atop some cliffs on the Kenyan Coast. Amidst a lot of scary moments involving jagged rocks, sheer cliff drops, crabs, clothes getting torn amongst the coral, their infectious love kept us going and we had one of the most fun pre-wedding shoots we’ve ever shot. And as a bonus, came home with some cracking images!

As soon as we were all welcomed to Leisure Lodge in Diani, the celebrations kicked off with a Moonlight and Roses evening where everyone was dressed in eye-catching floral outfits, and danced to the tunes of DJ Deshal on the beach. Most barefoot with sand between their toes. Some amazing performances by friends and family members followed by cocktails of varying strength (I tried one called BOOM, and yep, there was definitely a big BOOOOOOM when it hit my throat – no one warned me it had generous dashings of chilli sauce in it). Himanshu took over the decks towards the end of the night – I didn’t know his alter-ago was DJ Himmy and he surely did not disappoint – the crowd went mental as he dropped one House tune after another!

The Cocktails & Coattails evening was outrageously crazy. Everyone dressed to the nine looking sharp, a thunderous first dance, some more performances and speeches, even crazier customised cocktails all resulted in funky dance moves on the floor. We’ve shot many weddings but there were some dance moves which we saw for the first time at the #Himari wedding! What a legendary night!

An extremely heavy downpour on the wedding morning led to beautiful skies for the afternoon just in time for the wedding. It was as if God was watching over, and looking out for Nihari & Himanshu. A stunning setting on the beach with the azure Indian Ocean as a perfect backdrop, and the whisper of the palm trees as they danced in the gentle breeze all added up to one of the most spectacular moments as the wedding was about to start. Even the mid-afternoon heat could not drown out the cheering/ screaming/ shouting by Himanshu’s friends as they all revved up their quad bikes and dune buggies as a fitting entrance for Himanshu. We heard this uproar again after 10 minutes when Himanshu skilfully dodged the famous Hindu wedding tradition of the future mother-in-law trying to pull Himanshu’s nose. Himanshu 1: MIL 0. Nihari looked beautiful in her red and white outfit as she walked down the aisle accompanied by her grandfather. Himanshu’s smile when he saw her was absolutely priceless. A shortish (by Indian standards) but deep and meaningful ceremony later, they were pronounced husband and wife! I still remember the last frame of the day (14 hours and counting from the start of that day) and nothing could take the smiles away from Nihari and Himanshu!

We cannot write this blog without mentioning Himanshu’s niece, Mahi who sang her heart out at all the various events. She owned the mic as soon as she started singing! For one of the events, she even roped her mum Bhavini into singing with her in what turned out to be a fabulous mother/ daughter duet!

Thank you Nihari & Himanshu, thank you for being so hospitable towards our family, and thank you to your family and friends who made us feel so at home. Enjoy the memories that we’ve been so lucky to capture for you. One love!!

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