Nili & Savan's beautiful garden wedding in Limuru Hills, Kenya

The lively beat of the dhol and music could be heard from miles away. We rushed to the scene and weren’t quite prepared for the onslaught before our eyes. A large truck rolls up on the driveway at Fuchsia Gardens in Limuru. There are no seats in the truck. Just an open dancefloor and a bar.  There is a whole DJ setup inside the back of the truck pumping out enough decibels to drown out any other ambient noise. About 30 guests were giving it their all on the dancefloor inside the truck. Bottles and glasses were being chinked and shots being downed (for the last hour). Under instructions from the new inlaws, one by one, the guests exited the party truck to congregate before Savan walked down the aisle. Those cheeky smiles on their faces said it all. I know they were hiding a lot of stories :-). This was in complete contrast to the atmosphere around Nili getting ready at the majestic villa – so serene, so quiet. Just Nili, her best friend and Joey her make-up artist. As they got ready in the stunning gardens of the villa, the owner’s friendly dog photobombed us and Nili could not be happier. A few moments later when the bridesmaids came to see Nili, the bond between Nili and them was very evident – there was a lot of love and laughter amongst the girls in the minutes just before Nili joined Savan at the altar.

I first met Nili due to her love for wildlife photography and I still remember her words to me ‘Pareet, when I get married, you’re going to shoot my wedding’. A few years later, and here I was shooting her and Savan’s special day. Here was one of the nicest couples we know, one of the most genuine couples that we have interacted with and to top it off, a couple that like to live life by their rules. They didn’t have a full-on Indian wedding ceremony at their wedding – instead they had a ceremony which meant something to them and their loved ones. And boy, was it beautiful!

The solemn but relaxed ceremony finished with a garden party which involved some games, some dances and a significant amount of drinking. I remember these injections (full of some red coloured alcohol) making their way round the dancefloor. A few minutes later at the bar, we found one of the guests cheekily spiking drinks by changing their content to a more alcoholic one! He was probably single-handedly responsible for most people getting trollied that evening! Lots of fun dancing and music later, the glorious sunset turned everything so alluringly golden. It was a fantastic reminder of the day just gone. A day full of love and light, so beautiful in every little detail.

Thank you Nili & Savan, and thank you to your friends and family who welcomed us with open hearts. Thanks for the trust in Team Cheka and allowing us to create art for you and your future generations. One Love!

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