Rachna & Rushabh's lively wedding in Kenya

Everyone’s chilling in the beautifully manicured garden, popping open a few bottles, some music playing in the background and the sound of hearty laughter is overpowering all other sounds. If it wasn’t for the decorated vintage BMW in the driveway, you would be hard pushed to guess there was a wedding in the family. Hard pushed to guess there was a wedding in the family in an hour! It seemed too relaxed. Not the usual hustle bustle of an Indian wedding. But there was nothing usual about Rachna and Rushabh’s wedding. They wanted it to be one big party and they surely achieved that! The wedding was kickstarted by a very lively baraat whilst Rachna was getting ready. The beautiful ceremony (may not have been observed in detail by everyone due to crosswords and sudoku provided to all the guests by the couple) concluded with the traditional games played between the bride and groom. It needs to be documented that Rachna won the games and hence it is believed she rules the roost.

Just a couple of days ago at their mehndi night, the atmosphere was very different. A very colourful decor with the girls applying mehndi in one corner whilst delicious food and drinks were being served followed by some performances and an absolutely cracking best man (men) speech! As guests drank and danced the night away, the atmosphere got even wilder. Dance moves that I have seldom seen before made a frequent appearance and there were a lot of  shots being downed. They say the best memories towards the end of the night are stored in the brain however in this case they were also stored on an iphone ;-).

We spoke to Rachna and Rushabh about a year ago and since then we have only ever had positive vibes from them. Super-chilled throughout their wedding and as un-bridezilla or groomzilla as they come. It was very clear from during the wedding week, how much love and respect all your friends have for you. It’s easy to understand why you both have an amazing heart and a wicked sense of humour – often, I couldn’t keep up!

Thank you to Rachna and Rushabh for the hospitality. Thank you to your friends and family too. It goes a long way and we really appreciate it!

Watch out for the blog of the garden party at Fuchsia Gardens, Limuru hitting the site soon. One love!

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