Rebecca & Kieron's Masai Mara wedding

As Rebecca was getting ready in her luxury tent at Governors’ Camp in Masai Mara, the only company she had was a crocodile on the bank of the Mara River watching her. By this time, Kieron had reached the wedding site. By site, I mean a riverside clearing in the middle of nowhere in Masai Mara – true bush style! Those that know Cheka know that we jump at the chance to shoot a Mara wedding and this one was quite a special one. It was our first at Governors’ Camp, and Rebecca and Kieron had contacted us about their wedding approximately six months ago. We got even more excited when they told us that there would be no other guests in attendance. We love intimate weddings. Pure emotions. Pure moments. No dilution. As they planned their beautiful day, we worked together to ensure that it was a special one. And special it definitely was! Kieron watched his beautiful bride step out of a vintage safari Land Rover and then escorted down the aisle by Masai warriors. The contrast between the gentle and graceful Rebecca to that of the ferociousness (yet graceful too) of the Masai warriors was a sight to behold. The ceremony itself was a short one often disrupted by the roars of lions and the grunts of hippos. Masai Mara at it’s best!

Straight after the ceremony, we drove off in search of the sunset to create some artistic images for Rebecca and Kieron. This was the highlight of the day for us. We had total creative freedom, the great savannah plains of Masai Mara, and magical light which far exceeded our expectations. Spotting a serval cat whilst we were shooting was just a bonus! This was at a time when tourists from all round the world had descended upon Masai Mara to watch one of the seven new Wonders of the World – the annual wildebeest migration. Due to our local knowledge of the area, we still managed to find our own secluded spots to shoot at. What an amazing day – worth the 4 take-offs and landings that I had to endure to get to the Mara earlier that morning!

Rebecca and Kieron – thank you for everything. Hopefully we have created memories for you and your future generations. I know Masai Mara holds a special place in your hearts. It does in ours too! One love!

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