Tanvi & Faraz's beautiful garden wedding in Nairobi, Kenya

A year before the wedding, during my first meeting with Tanvi & Faraz, we spent 55 minutes talking about National Parks in Kenya, about lions, leopards and environmental affairs. We talked about offroading and camping. We talked at length about LandCruisers and their shared love for all things outdoors. Then we spent 5 minutes talking about the wedding. Tanvi said they didn’t know where they were getting married, they didn’t know what kind of a ceremony it would be nor any timings. They had some loose dates. But they said one thing which made me want to work with this beautiful couple – They said that all they want for their wedding is for everyone to have a lot of fun and for it to be a memorable day for them. What a simple yet important wish!

Fast forward a year and the actual wedding day was a fantastic one – the sun shining in all it’s glory and really showing off the lakeside venue within a small valley. Tanvi & Faraz are so adventurous that their location for their photoshoot could only be accessible by a 4WD and then the last part only by foot! Faraz’s reaction when he first saw Tanvi in her wedding outfit was absolutely priceless. For the next half an hour, they were in their own bubble of love as we joked around, photographed them and above all just had so much fun before the official craziness began. Their ceremony itself was short and sweet albeit very meaningful for the couple. Then the real fun started at the Garden Reception party – as the music and alcohol hit the guests in varying proportions, the dance floor was always full with all sorts of dancing. The Lion King-esque decor ensured that the waterhole was always busy with guests slowly sipping their drinks or quickly shooting down their customised shots (with emphasis on the word ‘quickly’). A friendly dance-off between the two families was hilarious to watch – it was fun to see the competitive streak in most people! As I look back at the photos whilst I was editing them, I noticed something – everyone was smiling. There were smiles everywhere, on everyone’s faces. It was such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by so many happy people!

Tanvi & Faraz, thank you for the trust and all the unparalleled hospitality you and your family showed to me. Enjoy the memories that we were so lucky to document for you and your future generations. One love!

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