High 5

  • We were so pleased with Pareet and Dipali! They both did an amazing job catching every moment of our wedding, from candid getting ready shots through photos during dancing. They worked so well with our other vendors to ensure they got the photos we wanted! We are not usually the picture taking type, but they made us so comfortable and we had so much fun taking our “couple” photos. All of our guests raved about how wonderful they both were to work with. Even before receiving all the final photos, Pareet was sending me teaser photos! The final photos were everything I could have dreamed of. Thank you!! – Anne & Nick!

    Anne & Nick, Kenya (wedding in Diani)
  • Cheka Photography (Pareet and Dipali) were absolutely amazing and professional. We met with Pareet almost a year before our wedding and we shared our vision for our bush wedding and he shared his ideas and both were aligned. They captured our wedding day so beautifully and they were such a pleasure to work with. We had a huge wedding party (26) and a large family, and they worked so well with everyone and took all the photos that we asked for! It was a lot of fun working with them. We highly recommend them if you are looking for wedding photographers that take initiative, are creative, know what they are doing, are flexible and most of all are fun to work with! – Kiddy & Jared!

    Safari Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Kiddy & Jared, Nairobi (wedding in Ol Pejeta)
  • WOW. What else can we say. Pareet and his crew were honestly the best photographers we could have asked for. Their way of working and capturing all the special moments, were unique and engaging. They made photoshoots fun, natural and easy! We just received all our wedding photos and we are so incredibly happy, all the moments captured are simply perfect. Would highly recommend Cheka Photography!!

    Roshni & Chirag (USA & Botswana) – wedding in Diani
  • Pareet and his team are very talented at candid photography. We were very pleased with the artistic shots of our wedding. Another thing we were grateful for was how Pareet took the time to understand our personality, family and ensured we were always comfortable. We highly recommend him for photographing any celebration, especially a wedding. Thanks Taruna and Michalis

    Taruna & Michalis, Europe (wedding in Naivasha)
  • Pareet captured our special day EXACTLY how we wanted it! He made the process really fun and easy, we also got to know him and he added his personal touch to our wedding photos. Thank you for capturing the memories we’ll cherish forever.

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Cat & Faraaz, Nairobi (wedding in Diani)
  • We knew we wanted Cheka to shoot our wedding….and we weren’t even engaged yet!

    Mitesh and I were lucky to spend time and get to know Pareet and his lovely family at a wedding a few years back and were instantly drawn to his humour, warmth, professionalism and passion.

    Shortly after saying ‘yes’ I contacted Pareet not knowing where or when our wedding would be, we just knew that we wanted him there. It was a long journey but all through the planning Pareet was flexible and understanding, at one point even prepared to work a family holiday around us!

    Pareet ended up being one of the stars of the wedding, capturing our hearts, those of our families and also all of our wedding guests. His creativity goes beyond even what the mind can imagine, without being demanding or obtrusive. For a couple that struggle with the “romantic” and posed shots, Pareet had a knack for reading the mood and surroundings, and finding fun games/challenges to keep us comfortable but also capture the perfect images. So much so, that Mitesh has come up with a new adjective to describe the photos in our album; “Pareet-y Sana”!!

    Thank you for dealing with the madness but most of all for getting involved in it! We will be forever grateful for all these memories. You aren’t ordinary, you’re extraordinary.

    With love,
    Mits & Pav

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Mits & Pavs, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • If you’re looking for a photographer, choose Cheka. We hired them for our wedding and ended up with solid friendships. They are able to make everyone feel comfortable, they are super fun and have such a chill vibe. Every guest at our wedding adored them and Pareet has an incredible way of capturing candid, stunning shots. 10/10 would choose again!

    Chandni & Jack

    Chandni & Jack, Australia (wedding in Diani)
  • Pareet. Its taken us this long to put these words together and we still don’t think they can do justice to what we feel about Cheka photography. What can we say- we love you man!
    We had not met Pareet before we made the decision to book him as our wedding photographer. We didn’t need to meet him- his reputation was enough! Not the slightest regret at this decision. He is the easiest person to work with and he really gets you! He got to know us, how we were as individuals and as a couple and married that into his photography like magic. 
Beyond being an amazing photographer capturing moments and making memories with his unique style- he brings such great energy and is super fun to work with!! Pre wedding shoot? No, more like pre wedding games day!
All our family and friends love his work and love him (some maybe a bit too much ;))
    Its only a few times in life that we’re lucky enough to come across people like you- We cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us- more than that, we’ve gained a friend. Who knew older people could be so fun!!! :p

    Shivani & Parin

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Shivani & Parin, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • Pareet Shah thank you for capturing all the emotions at our wedding! It’s been a tough year for both families and all the emotions captured were priceless! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture our Big Day and all the priceless moments we shared with all our Family and friends that travelled from far & wide! You have stood by us and guided us to the best of your ability throughout the wedding planning and both Paras & I are forever grateful! You are an amazing soul and kids are so lucky to have a father like your bring them up! Keep doing the extraordinary and capturing all the priceless moments Cheka style ❤️ I can officially say that I have definitely gained the older brother that I never had! Thank you and Asante Sana from the bottom our my hearts for everything! ❤️ ❤️
    Akshee and Paras

    Safari Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Akshee & Paras, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • If we could rate Cheka Photography more than 5 stars we would! We chose Pareet to capture our wedding without the blink of an eye.. When we had seen his blogs for previous weddings, we were awe struck and knew instantly that we wanted the same for our special day.. We entrusted Pareet to do what he does best and he delivered tenfold.. Our wedding photos are beautifully captured, unique, amazing quality/clarity and all our family and friends love them! Pareet is extremely easy to work with and always has a smile on his face.. Thank you Pareet for all your hard work and stunning pictures.. We love you mingi sana.. Sohum and Sagar

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Sohum & Sagar, Nairobi (wedding in Diani)
  • I first met Pareet while he was shooting my sister in law’s wedding. We quickly came to an understanding about what does and doesn’t work. Little did he know, he was being interviewed!!!
    Keya and I made an instant decision on the spot that he was going to be our wedding photographer . He says he doesn’t do ordinary. We say Pareet is ‘Extraordinary’. He is not only a fantastic photographer, but an easy-going, friendly person to work with. He has a wealth on knowledge on capturing the moments in a beautiful unique way. Choosing a photographer who can capture the occasion through your eyes, and get those all important emotions, so you can relive them time and time again is definitely his forte. Pareet, thank you for being such a great friend, advisor and letting us relive our moments through your lenses (and letting us dress your car up). Speaking of lens, he sacrificed his own camera trying to capture a unique moment. Should I say any more!!!
    Keya & Vikash

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Keya & Vikash, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • This has been long pending and we have not had a chance to put our love into words for the shots you took at our wedding. From the day he proposed, I had told Tyrell that we are definitely interviewing Pareet Shah as our photographer to-be. Little had we known that you would be the only photographer we intereviewed. Hehe! We do not regret one bit of it because of your love for capturing the moments instead of a posed picture, the reason you won our trust immediately in chosing Cheka photography 😊. I have all the pictures saved on my phone and even now 7 months after our special day, I still go through them atleast once a week and each and every picture I view, takes me back to the moment, that feeling! I can relive my whole wedding through your pictures. You have managed to capture the most beautiful moments of our special day. Your professionalism, friendliness, easy-going, always welcoming, fun and ever-smiling nature made us feel so comfortable having you as our photographer and yes, on our 10th wedding anniversary IF we do renew our vows, we would still opt for only cheka to do our photography and maybe this time it will be in the wild. So make sure you plan for your retirement after our 10th anniversary 😉. We not only loved your work&talent but also your personality which makes you extra-ordinary and we definitely gained a good friend in you. Thank you pareet for the beautiful work you put into our wedding for us to actually be able relive all those moments over and over again! The tiny details you captured matters because as a couple, on our big day we forget what goes on due to the hugh stress-levels but these pics bring us the beautiful memories of our special day and that is why you are the best in what you do and never quit being extra-ordinary. We wouldn’t have asked for anyone better to shoot for our special day
    Bhavini & Tyrell

    Bhavini & Tyrell, Mombasa, Kenya
  • I found Cheka photography online and straight away knew this was the style I liked. I’d been in contact with Pareet for about 6 months before our wedding and he was always very friendly, helpful and professional. During our wedding he made us both feel really relaxed and he also joined us on a game day the day after to get some incredible animal shots. He sent us some sneak peeks which we really appreciated, but we didn’t need to wait long until all of the photos were ready, it much quicker than we were expecting! We have been provided with amazing photos and lasting memories, thanks Pareet you did an amazing job!
    Rebecca & Kieron

    Safari Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Rebecca & Kieron, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • Pareet & Dipali are an absolute all star team. From the moment we met them, they felt like old friends.
    They made us feel at ease throughout our functions and have left us with the most amazing wedding photos.
    The emotions they are able to capture is nothing short of incredible and their creativity goes beyond what we could’ve imagined.

    Their passion for photography shines through every image.

    Our wedding guests to this very day, tell us how amazing our wedding photographers were and we could not agree more.
    From their photos to their personalities- just wonderful!

    They presented some of the final edits to us through a personalised mobile app – this was a lovely surprise from them!
    It is so simple to use and has been great to show friends & family snapshots from our wedding.
    We hit the jackpot with Cheka.

    We are incredibly grateful to them for the experience and the memories they have left us with.
    Their tag line doesn’t lie – they don’t do ordinary and we love it!

    Risha & Mohan

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Risha & Mohan, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • Everyone wants beautiful photos to remind them of all their special moments. To find someone who not only makes you feel comfortable but your families as well is not easy. When you sign up with Cheka it is not about a business transaction to get fabulous photos. With Pareet it is all about energy and a passion straight from the heart. When you hire a photographer you want someone who sees the love and magic and is able to capture moments that will ensure you smile each time you look back at them, this is what Cheka & Pareet is all about. Pareet’s motto and purpose is to ensure he captures the extraordinary and he definitely delivers that plus more. Every time we look at our photos we are transported back to a moment and it fills my heart up each time. Parit and I could not recommend Pareet enough, not only do you get an amazing photographer who you hardly notice as he does his thing, you also get someone who is just all heart and makes you laugh along the way. Thank you Pareet, for giving us memories that will keep us smiling forever. Priya & Parit.

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Priya & Parit, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • From our very first contact with Pareet we knew he would be very professional. He made sure to come prepared and explained to us his style (which we had researched and had loved!). Pareet managed to capture beautiful, candid/ natural moments of our wedding. He was a one man show for a 250 wedding party, and did an incredible job. We did also required his wife (who also happens to be a photographer!) for one of the events (two events happening at the same time – different venues) who took quality shots – and her style was very similar to that of Pareet’s, meaning we didnt end up with completely different styles of photos for those events. We couldn’t have been happier with the results of our photos and trailer! He encapsulated the mood and atmosphere and made himself very discreet, taking artistic shots. On top of that all the guests loved him, he put everyone at ease which is very important – especially if you want to avoid crisp/ unnatural poses. The camera he uses don’t make any noises, which means you “forget” he is there clicking away. Another thing we really valued was the fact that he didn’t take a plethora of photos, rather his work is more about quality over quantity! He is an extremely talented photographer and a lovely person to work with. V & K

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Victoria & Karan, UK (wedding in Mombasa)
  • We could not be more thrilled with the pictures that Pareet took of our wedding. Our wedding took place in Marsabit, Kenya, which is a remote location approximately 9 hours drive from Nairobi. Logistics were difficult and, as we were planning from afar, plans kept changing. Pareet took it all in stride and was extremely flexible and easy to work with throughout. He took the time to get to know us over skype prior to the wedding and to make sure that he understood what kind of pictures we want. That being said, we had seen his portfolio and pretty much told him to do whatever he wanted. The results were fantastic. We are happy with pretty much every picture he provided to us. The only problem is that we do not have a house big enough to display all of them! Thank you so much Pareet, we are so grateful for the photographs you took in Marsabit and would jump at the opportunity to work with you again!

    Safari Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Megan & Daniel, global nomads (wedding in Marsabit)
  • Pareet, where do we begin? In Pareet we have found a life long friend. We began talking with Pareet a year in advance to our wedding and he honestly was our lucky charm. Being from the UK and planning a wedding in Africa meant our knowledge was not very broad but thanks to Pareet’s network of contacts he was able to advise on absolutely everything we needed and made the process so much more easier. Our wedding could not have happened without him. On to Pareet’s true passion – photography. We had no doubt in Pareet’s skill level and gave him the freedom to being as open as possible and shoot in what ever style he preferred. We had been watching over his Instagram account in the lead up to our wedding and still continue to follow his posts now and we are always blown away with his delivery. I would advice anyone who is looking to work with Pareet to listen to him and be as open minded as possible. This will truly end up with a positive outcome for everyone. We let Pareet take the lead and with that we struck a bond with him that was unbreakable. His delivery of the photos from our wedding was super fast too – with every photo being 10/10. A big thank you to Pareet we owe so much to this man and I would happily recommend him to anyone who is looking for the perfect candidate for photography services. His passion means he over delivers and works extremely hard to ensure his clients are more than happy.

    Jasmeen & Hieran

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Jasmeen & Hieran, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • Dear Pareet and Dipali,

    I don’t think there are enough thank yous to express how much we loved and appreciated your photography at our wedding.

    Every photo takes us back to a very precious and unforgettable memory.

    Every time I flick through the photos with Sunny, I never fail to say ‘aw I wana get married again’ 😂 . We would both love to do it all again!
    Thank you so much guys 🙌 💓

    Lots of Love,
    Nimi and Sunny

    Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Nimi & Sunny, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • “Cheka photography – namely Pareet Shah has provided us with the best experience of a wedding photographer that we could have ever imagined. His creative talent, patience, hard working nature and polite demenour all combined to ensure we could have our joyous occassions captured and documented perfectly, for us to treasure for a lifetime. Pre wedding planning is always painstakingly hard, but Pareet made the effort to contact us at various points through the planning and even across different time zones. Not only did we discuss the photography, but Pareet would also help where he could by providing contacts and ideas through his experience in the wedding industry.

    Despite not having met Pareet until the start of the wedding festivities in diani, communication was not sparse and we covered everything in detail, leaving us feeling full of confidence. During our 2 full days of 6 intense events in the scorching heat, Pareet ensured he was always prompt and geared up, and ready to shoot, whilst always scoping the scene to capture the most magical moments.

    Pareet was not only a photographer but someone who could be relied on to give friendly advise to a groom when getting ready or to give event updates to a nervous bride! Even our varied event styles and different locations didn’t deter Pareet from capturing some of the most memorable split second moments, with absolute clarity, showcasing all of the raw emotions, from powdered holi colour fights to emotional family goodbyes. Post wedding, Pareet was clear with the time scale to receive the pictures and they were delivered to us within record time! They were given to us in a format where we could login to his online gallery to view, share and download the fantastic high resolution images for all of our family and friends.

    Thank you so much Pareet for giving us this perfect record of every special moment from our wedding. Deepali and Rishi”

    Dipali & Rishi, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • If your looking for a Photographer, be it for a wedding or any other occasion, LOOK NO FURTHER!

    Leading up to our wedding, communication was efficient and prompt. It might seem like an insignificant thing but when you’re working with multiple suppliers having quick sensible answers to questions is very helpful. The wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity was overwhelming and so comforting! We had a pre-shoot to get to know Pareet and his styles after which he offered us an array of photos subsequently for us to choose our favourite styles. Its the small details like these that make Pareet the Artist he truly is!

    During the wedding, well what can I say! Pareet and his team were energetic, confident and a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the week. He had no issue pulling us to one side to get shots when he could see light conditions were at their best. We both really enjoyed his company and it was a pleasure to have him around. We know many of our guests felt the same way. His mind oozed with creative shots, none of us would have thought of and WOW! did they come out great!

    We received our photos in record times with impeccable quality and finesse. We’ve got a almost a thousand photos to record our special day, each of them are stunning. Pareet is an excellent photographer, an artist and we are lucky to have met him and have the memories that he has captured.

    Out of the 10 suppliers for our wedding, without question Cheka Photography is the one which stands out as providing the best service and giving us the best experience and off course, BEST RESULTS!

    Pareet – We cant thank you enough! You’ve grown into a friend as much as a colleague and we will never stop shouting your praise!

    Chandni & DHarmic

    Chandni & Dharmic, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • We found Pareet to be a professional, creative and very entertaining photographer. The lengths he would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended.

    The photos are so candid and natural and brought back many intense emotions – from tears to laughter! Pareet, you truly managed to capture our overwhelming feelings. We cannot thank you enough for all your time and effort into making our special day one to remember for the rest of our lives.

    We love that you don’t just take pictures, you capture moments. You are so incredibly talented and we were so lucky to have you!

    Lots of love,
    Payal & Dhruv

    Payal & Dhruv, Nairobi (wedding in Diani)
  • Dear Pareet

    We have finally been through all our wedding photos and trust me, we cannot get over them!! Each and every picture is so perfectly captured that it brings out the moment so freshly in our minds.

    Thank you Pareet & Dipali for the excellent work and surpassing our expectations! We loved the way you were so easy going, friendly and adaptive…right from our pre-wedding shoot to the vidaai. Thank you for always being quick & responsive too – makes a big difference! Keep up the good work and we wish you heaps of success 🙂

    Thumbs up..you’re totally worth it!!

    Lots of love from Anjali & Rimal.

    Anjali & Rimal, Mombasa, Kenya
  • 6 May 2017 – Java Coffee House, Nairobi.  The day we decided Pareet would create memories at our wedding in Diani.  Pareet was personable, full of positive energy, humble and honest about his photography style.  He listened to our ideas and immediately put some thought into how he would like to execute our wedding.  His communication was impeccable, his tone so reassuring.

    The art of photography is a way of life for Pareet.  He is an artist and every couple’s true dream. Timeless and priceless are the best ways to describe his work.  He is an avant garde photographer who brought our wedding photos to life. For Pareet a photograph is many things together – love, promise, memory, passion and joy.  Creating beautiful images and storytelling through imagery is something Pareet is incredibly passionate about.  He creates magic and has the ability to capture the most beautiful frames in any surrounding. 

    Shooting a wedding full of emotion due to our personal circumstances couldn’t have been an easy task.  Pareet captured every memory and every emotion so beautifully, discreetly and whole-heartedly.  He went an extra mile to edit the pictures so our ailing mum could see them before she left this world.  For this act of kindness and hard work we will always be grateful and indebted.  

    A professional and a friend to many but family to us.  Pareet our journey has been adventurous, full of love, laughter, emotion, memories and joy.  Thank you for inconspicuously capturing every magical moment.  Our photos are breathtaking, truly exceeding our wildest expectations.  

    All our love,

    Dillan and Pooja

    Pooja & Dillan, UK (wedding in Diani)
  • The moment we got engaged and decided to get married in Diani, we got on a Skype call with Pareet after having been recommended him and seen his amazing work. He really took the time to understand what we were after and explained the way he works as well, making sure we were happy with his style before committing to anything. 

    Every time we were in touch during the course of the year, he always offered to help with any other aspect of the wedding planning, which was so helpful given that he is local to Mombasa so knows all the wedding suppliers and so I often asked him for advice or recommendations. 

    The first time we actually met was on the first day of our wedding functions but that didn’t matter, he still made it such a point to really get to know us and our friends and family. He really felt like a part of the wedding, but when it came to photography, he just did his thing and it never felt like he was ‘in the way’. We had some great laughs and chats while getting ready, making me feel super relaxed during those few calm moments. 

    Most importantly, his photos have captured exactly what we were after in a way that we could have never imagined possible. We will treasure these memories forever and can’t thank Pareet enough for doing such a fantastic job and for his constant professionalism and enthusiasm. We simply cannot recommend him enough. 

    Thank you so much for everything, Pareet!

    Nishma & Amar, UAE (wedding in Diani)
  • Pareet is a pleasure to work with and to get to know! His photos are beyond expectations. I love that Pareet don’t just take pictures but capture moments. My now husband does not like to pose for pictures, but in the photos of him, he looks natural and happy and looks like he is having fun. Pareet is also really fun to work with. The pictures are all just so wonderful and everyone who has seen them has commented on what an amazing photographer Pareet is. We are both absolutely delighted!

    Lea & Anish, Diani, Kenya
  • Dear Cheka, Thank you so much for capturing the precious moments beautifully moment by moment which we will never forget. The pictures are natural, honest, down to earth, creative yet poetic. We must say you made everything easy for us. We received our pictures a month after the wedding, which is the shortest time frame I have ever heard of. Your sense of calm, care and fun meant that you were a pleasure to work with and we have both enjoyed working with you. We cannot wait to share the photos with our family & friends!! One love!

    Pranchi & Sagar, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Our wedding took place in the Maasai Mara in the midst of a 3.5 day safari. I was convinced that our ideal photographer did not exist, because, get real, what photographer can shoot both wildlife and weddings equally well, AND have a personality that will mesh well with a destination wedding group? After a long search, I was resigned to thinking no one would fit the bill, until one day Adil claims he’s found the one: Cheka Photography.

    After looking at Pareet’s work, and subsequent calls and emails back and forth, Adil and I can admit we were more excited about Pareet than our actual wedding! And I’m happy to say that the excitement was justified.

    There’s just something indescribable about Pareet where no words can do him justice. He was so genuinely enthusiastic about everything, yet so calming and kind. He was everything we dreamt a photographer could be and more. He taught our guests how to take and edit photos, he helped us plan the wedding itself, his excitement for wildlife was literally infectious, and of course, his photos were spectacular. Our wedding would not have been the same without him and our guests completely agree. He managed to leave a mark on everyone’s hearts, including ours. We love you Pareet!

    Safari Wedding photographer in Kenya
    Salimah & Adil, Canada (wedding in Maasai Mara)
  • Every bride has a dream… to have a perfect wedding … my dream came true. Pareet captured every single moment with such flair and precision. The photos speak for themselves but both Shafiq and I would like to just take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for recording this magical day with such grace, thank you for putting us at ease when we were overwhelmed in those moments, thank you for blending in so well, thank you for being the person we didn’t have to worry about , and thank you for giving us our memories of that beautiful day. Every single guest was blown away with how friendly and accommodating you were…! Asante sana!

    Aliya & Shaf, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dear Cheka!!

    Thank you so so much for capturing so many magical moments at our wedding. Amaan and I cannot express how much we love all the photos you gave us. The more we go through them, the more we realise how incredibly creative you are in your work and this really comes through in the final product! Throughout the process you made working with you a pleasure and we knew from our first meeting that you were exactly what we wanted for our wedding! In hindsight, we couldn’t have imagined anyone better to immortalise this occasion. Apart from your talent and enthusiasm for photography, we were also drawn to you both as amazing individuals! Over the course of planning the wedding and during the wedding week you quickly became like family! Thank you for dealing with our crazy and even joining into the craziness – being one of us ensured that you caught the moments just the way they were. We had a blast experimenting with fun new shots and even though we didn’t sometimes know what to expect, they always turned out phenomenal.

    If anyone is looking for a photographer – contact Cheka! You won’t be disappointed.. Simply put they are AMAZING!!


    The Kassams

    Arman & Amaan
    Nairobi, Kenya