Couple running towards camels on Diani Beach
Bride crying at her Diani wedding in Kenya
Couple dancing at their Reception in Naivasha in Kenya
Couple dancing at their wedding in Nairobi
Indian Bride walking up the stairs in Diani, Kenya
Sikh Bride at her choora ceremony in Mombasa, Kenya
Beautiful couple at the beach in Diani, Kenya
Bride and her sister getting ready before the wedding
Bittersweet goodbye for the bride at an indian wedding
Happy couple on the beach in Mombasa
Beautiful indian bride getting ready at her garden wedding in Nairobi
Fun couple in Nairobi on their wedding day
Stunning traditional Indian bride with jewellery
Groom's brother rescuing him from the bride at an indian wedding in Kenya
Indian groom patiently waiting for his bride in Diani, Kenya
Beautiful bride through her veil in Kenya
Indian bride getting her finishing touches just before the wedding
Tossing the bouquet in beachstyle in Diani
Couple kissing through a motorbike wheel
Stunning traditional Indian bride adjusting her dress in Mombasa
Tearful goodbyes at an Indian wedding in Kenya
Kissing under the veil in Mombasa
Beautiful bride walking towards camels on the beach
Fussing over the groom at a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony
Traditional Indian bride with intricate jewellery
Wedding couple on the cliff with a crab in the foreground
Bride getting ready with her dress shimmering
Smiling Sikh couple at the Gurudwara
Smiling couple on their wedding day with a sunflare at the back
Groom's mum and sister helping him get ready at his wedding in Mombasa
B&W photo of a couple smiling
First dance couple with an intricate dancefloor of fresh flowers
Indian bride getting ready looking out of the window
Bride being taken for a roundabout ride by her brother at a wedding in Diani
Kissing bride and groom whilst a motorbike is throwing up sand
Stunning bride and groom with a traditional dhow in the Indian Ocean
Indian bride and groom silhouette with the sunrise
Indian bride walking down the stairs with her veil flying in the air
Beautiful couple smiling on the beach
Details of an indian wedding ceremony
Bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony
Tearful goodbye from the bride's mum at an Indian wedding
Very regal Indian groom
Bride smiling with a window of light on her lips
Bride and groom overlooking the Indian Ocean
Indian bride adjusting her anklets with a reflection
Extremely intricate henna or mehndi
Couple practising their first dance whilst a saxophonist plays their favourite song on the beach
A couple on the beach next to a dhow in Mombasa
bride and groom with champagne
Indian groom looking at bride
Bride getting help putting on her bangles
Couple kissing on the beach through a saxophone
Funny dancing by bride and groom in Diani
Bride and groom getting ready in separate areas of the same room in Diani
Advice on guest sign in globe at a wedding
Nervous groom getting ready
Indian bride with her reflection and make up artist
Daring couple on top of a cliff
Very intricate mehndi or henna for a bride
happy fun couple on the beach in Diani
Silhouette of a band at a wedding
Bridal jewellery at a wedding in Diani
Beautiful indian bride and her groom on the beach
Drinking games at a wedding in Nairobi
Tears of joy from a bride when she sees the groom for the first time
Smiling couple with a refelction at Swahili Beach Resort
Silhouette of wedding party at their Reception at sunset
Daring couple dancing on the clifftop at the Indian Ocean
Bride getting make up done with her doggy
Illusion of a bride getting ready
Bride getting a helping hand from her dad
Indian bride with henna hand touching a disco ball
Bride's sister helping her with her chuni on the beach
Kissing couple with kikoys flying on the beach in Diani
Indian bride putting on her bangles
Silhouette of a bride applying lipstick
Wedding couple on their wedding day with their bridal party
Perfect light on bride's hands with henna or mehndi
Indian bride smiling with nose ring
Kissing couple under the veil in Nairobi
Bride getting ready with fixing spray
little girl dancing on the dancefloor at sunset with a beautiful shadow
bride getting help from her mum in getting ready
Father of the bride looking at the first kiss
Bride's sisters preventing the groom from taking her away
Cute little girl hiding in her mum's wedding dress during the ceremony in Nairobi
Stunning couple leaning on a boat on the beach in Mombasa
Couple's speech at their Reception in Nairobi
Kissing couple on a boat on the beach in Diani
Indian bride dancing for her groom
Flowers and an indian bride
Bride crying tears during her wedding
MOther and sister of the bride looking on proudly at her
Lots of flowers adorn the happy couple as they take their vows
First dance in Black and white
Reflections whilst adjusting the grooms safo
Guests downing drinks from the bottle
First dance in B&W